From needle thread
Exhibition from January 31, 2018 to February 18

Circle of Arts - Montigny le Bretonneux

Source of the look, of a continual work on matter and light
From thread to needle, photographic exhibition is built around the blue sky of Provence, and the meaning of the Mediterranean
There are familiar places, so familiar, you still have to watch them
There are places far away, so distant, and yet the familiar is willingly reflected

I work for myself, for the pleasure of seeing and understanding
I exhibit for photography, for pleasure and to understand it better

To my friends of photography

It seems natural to stay closer to oneself,
In a world so great, so open
An enlightened amateur, in thirst to see not the worst but the best
A photographer in thirst for the moment
A silent voice flows in torrents of truths
Currents of movement, with this idea in mind,
Understanding this world, why we still have
Why it keeps us, it accepts us and offers so many things
Do not distort anything even with our thoughts
Only the nature to the authority

An invitation to share for this lovely month of May

In Provence at the Castle of Bouc bel Air

Nature calm

Ask Island in St Louis
my photographs

my looks
on paper Washi, calm nature all married
and it's happy in st Louis island
cradled by the Seine and the softness of the Bridges of Paris

Photography and us talking photography

All the months of October 2016 to June 2017 ,
I propose dates for courses in Photography

the hope of naples - Arles 2016
Worry is a human response to innocence is the most verifiable its need to adapt.

In the footsteps of my trip to Vesuviano country , invited by the gallery Monteoliveto

' Crater creativo July and August 2015


Gréoux les Bains - photography month
a great moment, a photography month

Arles 2015 -
Arles , Arles will ,
the place of departure and the flight.

artistic anthology
On the occasion of this exhibition from 8 to 21 June 2015 , I am pleased to present my series " pen and paper "
The nature of the real, so close to our habits, our heritage. The link is always present, until the close


"Silence" is a series of photographs in the format 30 x 45.

Silence is necessary, urgently and in harmony, the silence returns us to ourselves.
We come from different backgrounds and we often open the doors horizons.
Looking that far, demand calm. Enter appeasement is harvesting the seed of hope.
I therefore propose to share my silence, or silence perceived in the eyes of the photographed.

Floral expression
To answer the exhibition "Floral Expression" Agora Workshops
I present the fragile nature of onion peels ,
overwhelmed with a different look , it does not sting the eyes.


The fragility is not a virtue.
It may be lacking or weak , close doors , or book .
It may, after time, open windows , offering a magnitude scale.
To advance in his humanity, his fragility, is to recognize that we must live in look, offer sensitivity and adapt.

out the windows
By the window - Eyguières, Agora Gallery

Until January 24 - Collective Expositon

a piece of land
Exhibition - Lou Bassaquet Trets

a piece of land , it is a timeless interpretation of the plain, the high bow valley between Mount Olympus and Ste Victoire.
Steeped in history , arches, long fertile land for crops near the vine and the olive tree

Photomenton november 2014
"from sea to land, find the light" - Black and White
"shining water" - Color

poetry water
time for a weekend, a creative recreation around "the poetry of the water"

invitaion to the opening

See you soon

Elizabeth Baille 

Château de Bouc Bel Air

from 7 to 22 October 2014

"From Earth to Heaven"

                              photographic exhibition Elizabeth Baille and painting Hélène Lamoureux


Le Tholonet - Moulin Cézanne

the path is the horizon
Exposure Gaston workshop Luppé - Arles 2014 15/07 to 04/08

Free Admission - 10 am to 21 pm 

Art 3 by 1 - Pourrières
1 st june - all the day in Pourrieres

poetry water
movement of water in the water acts as the air in the air

Exhibition 14 and 15 june 2014

Exposure Japanese restaurant

Evocations of nature, windows on moments captured in gardens, close to us

le Sm'art
graphic' - touch - visible

report terroir - because living nature is our identity

February 2014
So my first exhibition from 15 February to 9 March

Presentation of my first book that presents and supports the journey of my pics 

"Life that attaches and rooted to the ground may, in confronting the forces of the elements, build, develop and reveal the identity of a territory. Then operate various manifestations of beauty through water games, light, and raise an irresistible urge to contemplation. This invitation, this communion, suspended for a moment, sometimes too short, wonders."

Elizabeth Baille observe nature for over twenty-five years and attempts to capture the emotions that emerge. 

l'édition à façon - Isabelle Mercier